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The Newton Family of Newton, Surrey, BC

Elias John Newton received a Crown Land Grant in Surrey in 1890. The family name is now associated with a town centre, a wave pool, a seniors’ centre, a skating rink, a public library, an elementary school and an athletic park. Elias John Newton was born ca. 1844 in Nepean Township to William and Matilda Newton. Of French Canadian origin, his original surname was probably Villeneuve/neuf (New Town in French) but it appears he had already changed it to Newton while living in Eastern Canada. On June 29, 1866, he married Sarah Anne Greene, 17 of Huntley Township in Carp, Ontario. Five years later he appears in Pembroke Village, North Renfrew County, Ontario in the 1871 Federal Census. Four other Newtons are listed with him including two daughters: Sarah Ann Newton age 2, and Elizabeth M. Newton age 1 month, along with Telesphore Newton 13, and Mary Newton 12 (the latter two possibly his siblings). Sarah Ann Newton is also listed in the Drouin Collection (the largest database of French-Canadian records) as the legitimate daughter of Elias Newton and Sarah Anna Greene, baptized at the Basilique Notre Dame, Ottawa on August 10 ca. 1870, being born in June of the previous year. Sarah A. Newton, nee Greene appears tohave died in childbirth, as she is listed in Schedule Two of the Census, which lists deaths that had occurred with the past twelve months. She is buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Pembroke, where the upright tombstone reads: "Sarah Ann beloved wife of J. Newton".

It remains a mystery what happened to the remaining children and possible siblings of E.J. Newton. He reappears ten years later in the 1881 Census, however, this time in Western Canada in Yale, BC, listed as John Elias, along with a certain Isidore Montrose age 20, and Ella Nora Montrose age 2. He is also listed in the BC Directory of 1882–83 as a saddler living on Front Street in Yale. It is probable that he worked for the local Douglas and Deighton Harness and Saddlery business, also located on Front Street. Newton appears to have arrived in the Surrey area in 1884–85 as he is listed as a farmer in Brownsville in the BC Directory under those dates. This coincides with the moving of the Douglas and Deighton Company to New Westminster during this time.

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Employment Insurance (EI) - a program that provides temporary income support to unemployed workers while they look for employment or to upgrade their skills.

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