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  • Resume Writing Tips to help you Land Your Dream Canadian Job


    Here are some points to consider when building your Canadian Resume.


    After screening thousands of resumes in and reading through them, here are things I noticed that I would like to share with you all.


    1. Despite being highly qualified, some resumes are very hard to read. Words are all over the place, there is no proper formatting, the alignment, the font size and font style are making it hard for me to read the pages. It makes a recruiter want to ignore the resume and move on to the next one.


    2. Some resumes do not look professional enough for my eyes. I felt like the candidate may not be serious enough to perform the job.


    3. Some resumes lack substance. I feel like I wanted to know more and find out more, especially with the Achievements but there is nothing to read more and see more.


    4. Some resumes are not totally reflecting the candidate's achievements. Some of the key duties are not mentioned in the resume so I won't know exactly what the candidate has accomplished. 


    5. Some resumes are vague and I find it very hard to point out what the main job title of the candidate is. There is no title on the first page and all I can see is a list of duties and responsibilities. It may take a lot of time to decipher the candidate's main role and so I decided to move on to the next qualified resume.


    In summary, I can say that screening potential candidates is a very time consuming and challenging task and so the best tip for candidates is to make the life of the recruiter easy for him to spot your resume and pick you. In other words, it is already hard to screen and very time consuming, so don't make it even harder for recruiters to read your resume.


    Indeed, recruitment takes a huge amount of time, effort and money to search for the right candidate and the job of the recruiter is to avoid a bad hire and therefore recruit the best talent who will perform the job well and become an asset to the company.

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