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  • Exciting Job Openings for Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program


    Immigrating to Canada can be quite challenging especially if your profile does not fit into any of the Immigration Pathways. Luckily, one pilot program has been introduced to mitigate this challenge. We are talking about the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (also known as the RNIP).

    Getting a Job Offer from any of the participating communities listed below gives you the opportunity of moving to Canada on a permanent basis through the RNIP. 

    Here are the list of Participating Communities in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

    Sudbury, Ontario
    Thunder Bay, Ontario
    North Bay, Ontario
    Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
    Timmins, Ontario
    Claresholm, Alberta
    Vernon, British Columbia
    Trail, British Columbia
    Castlegar, British Columbia
    Rossland, British Columbia
    Nelson, British Columbia
    Brandon, Manitoba
    Altona, Manitoba
    Rhineland, Manitoba
    Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

    However, it is quite challenging and very exhausting to find which Jobs are eligible for this Program. Luckily, with my expertise in Computer Programming, my knowledge of the Canadian Immigration, the help of my team, as well as my passion to help you transition to a better life in Canada, I have organized the Job Portal in order to simplify your task of finding the Jobs that opens doors for you to Immigrate through the RNIP.

    Let me walk you through the complete Step by Step Process

    Go to the link below to follow the steps.

    Job Portal

    The first step is to select any of the communities participating in the RNIP (as listed above). 

    Let's choose Sudbury, Ontario as an example.

    Once you have selected a province, click the Search Button.

    Then, it will display job openings in the selected community.

    Click in any of the Jobs to show up the Details of the Job.

    You will notice on the right hand side of the page (see image below) you have the ability to choose any of the participating communities in just one single click!

    Now, let's say you are interested in moving to Canada as a Machinist. Simply click the Job where it says "Machinist"

    This will then take you to the Job Details page.

    You will see on the right hand side of the page above a message that getting a Job Offer from this community will give you the opportunity to Immigrate to Canada through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program.

    Scroll a bit further down and you will see the Apply Now Button. Simply click the button to show the details on how to Apply to the Job.

    Now click the Apply Now Button to display the message on how to apply to the Job.

    Simply compose a Job Application email, attach your Canadian Resume and Canadian Cover Letter and send it over to the email or link indicated in the Modal Window (see above). You may also want to click the hyperlink to open up a your mail instantly.

    Don't forget to Upload your Canadian Resume and Cover Letter so Canadian Recruiters from the participating communities can easily find your profile.

    If you do not have a Canadian Resume and Cover Letter yet, feel free to grab one in any of the buttons below. Getting a job offer shouldn't be that hard if you have the right tools.

    Grab your Canadian Resume and Cover Letter

    Get a Higher chance of getting a Canadian Job by having an Optimized Canadian Resume! Click the button below to get started.

    Level up your Canadian Job Application

    Enjoy Job Hunting and as always, send me an email at [email protected] if you have any!