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  • Tips to nail your Canadian Job Interview


    An interview is the crux of the process while securing a reputable job. Even the word interview sends chills down a potential’s spine. A person who has a good experience on his CV and has been shortlisted. It is a sign which says ‘you have completed level one’ and need to work on level two now.

    Necessary Steps for a complete electronic application

    It is a prequel 10-15 interview, enough for the hiring manager to learn about you. The phone interview can be challenging but it excludes some other major testings like the body language. Your tone, communication and voice build your rapport for the interview.

    Despite the many things excluded from a phone interview, it is not easy to and shouldn’t be dealt lightly. The phone interview usually extends to your further chances and can extend you into an in person interview.

    Here are excellent tips to nail your Canadian Job Interview in 2021

    It is advisable to follow these tips and deliver a prepared and confident voice to the interviewer. So here are some useful tips to do so:

    1. Find a peaceful corner

    A thing as serious as a job interview needs to be done in a distraction less. A place with background noises of a working microwave or a toddler crying is such a bummer for your first impression. So find a place with no background voices or distractions. This will help you answer efficiently and confidently. This place should not have any distractions which could break your focus during the interview.

    2. Check your connection

    Checking your connection prior to the interview is as important as a prayer. Make sure you surf some random sites or even run a mock video call to check your signal. Make sure you run all these tests in the room where you aim to take the interview. A distorting connection can harm your image and create confusion among the interviewer and you.

    3. Know about your interviewer.

    Make sure you have some kind of idea of who you are on the phone to. Researching about this particular person and his role in the company may help you understand his personality and give out a confident vibe.

    4. Speak slowly and clearly.

    Rushing your answers will result in minced words and unclear statements which are not impressive at all. You need to be loud, clear and understandable to the interviewer. This adds points to your personality and effectiveness.

    5. Keep your resume near.

    Most of the interviews include questions from the job resume the applicant sent. So make sure you have your resume near you and make no statement in contrast to it. It also helps you remember details which you might have forgotten otherwise.

    6. Keep a notebook nearby.

    You never know when an interviewer gives out some information that needs to be remembered. Having a notebook nearby can make you record that and be better organized. Also a notebook can include common interview questions and answers. This can help you remember through a quick glance.

    7. Ask questions.

    ‘Do you have any questions for us’ is the bottom line of every interview. So make sure you have researched and written down some questions you would like to know answers to. It could be questions about next steps or anything regarding the job.

    A phone interview can be a stepping stone to secure you a good job. So make sure you nail it through these practices.

    Here is to a good interview!

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